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More About Antonio Mouzon

Antonio moved to Dubuque, Iowa from Baumholder, Germany in 2006. He is a first-generation college student who pursued higher education on a leap of faith. Antonio reformed the generational expectations within his family and is the first to receive a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, and is finishing his Master’s degree in Communications and Leadership. Since then, each of his siblings have gone on to pursue a higher level of education.

He currently teaches Personal Empowerment at the University of Dubuque and focuses on helping other first-generation college students become more self-aware of their own limiting and empowering beliefs, helping break through mental and emotional barriers.

Antonio travels as a speaker to share his journey on transformation and how these skills have help change his life and the life of those he encounters. He strives to inspire others to adopt the ideas of utilizing emotional intelligence to create meaningful and effective relationships so that people can learn to connect on a deeper level regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or culture.

Antonio serves on the community outreach division on the Breakthrough Series Collaborative committee. This committee focuses on improving the disparities families of color experience within the child welfare system.  

In 2015, Antonio committed his life to a more healthy and active lifestyle. After his own transformation, he developed a passion for health, wellness, and personal and professional development. Through this new mindset and more leaps of faith he came to open his own health and wellness facility, Mindset Nutrition. Antonio and his team now serve as health coaches, helping people set goals, become more educated on health, and more personally developed through a healthy way of living.

Antonio’s energy and dynamic capability to connect with others help formulate his unique ability to create massive change in his community and in the lives of those around him. He is very passionate about helping people reach their full potential. He strives every day to be the change he wishes to see in the world.

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